Welcome To Clay Center Critter Care

Clay Center Critter Care, Inc. is a predominantly small animal clinic located in Clay Center, NE. Established in May 1995. Originally, the clinic was housed in a 100-year-old building – built to be the local black smith shop. This 500 sq ft building served clients well for 14 years. In May 2009, Critter Care, as it is commonly called, moved into a new 2500 sq ft building. This new building is a renovated house. The people of Clay Center know it as the Northrop House – originally built around 1900. Critter Care serves as a general practice providing routine veterinary health care; vaccinations, spays, neuters, dentals, x-rays, parasite control, ill animal care, plus more.

Critter Care works closely with a board certified feline practice, a board certified exotic animal practitioner, Kansas State Veterinary School and other local practices to provide the best care for each patient.

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