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Dr. Susan Rohrer

Meet the friendly staff at Clay Center Critter Care!

Dr. Susan Rohrer

Dr. Rohrer was born and raised in Texas. She graduated from high school in Houston. Her alma mater is Texas A&M from which she holds three degrees. Dr. Rohrer graduated from veterinary school in 1992. While a student at Texas A&M, she met her husband - Gary. Gary grew up in Illinois but moved to Texas to attend A&M for his masters and Ph.D. Gary’s employment brought the couple to Nebraska in 1991.

Gary’s employment brought the couple to Nebraska in 1991. The Rohrers live on a farm south of town. They have three children. Their oldest is an Eagle Scout and attends college at Chadron. Their middle child is an Eagle Scout and attends Midland College. Their youngest is a Bronze and Silver award Girl Scout. All three kids have been active in 4H where they show sheep, rabbits, and chickens. The family farm comes fully stocked with three horses (Amber, Kay & Shorty), Molly the lab cross dog, Queenie the one-eyed house cat, a small herd of cows, Flemish Giant rabbits, Satin rabbits, sheep, Silkie & Serama chickens, and three barn cats (Buster, Francine & Fuzzy).

When Dr. Rohrer finds some quiet time, she enjoys reading, cooking/baking, playing the piano and riding horses. She actively volunteers with her church and both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. She was a 4H leader for five years and the Spring Wing Ding Chairman for 13 years. She is a member of the Clay Center Community Club, the AVMA and TVMA. Frequently, she speaks to groups about veterinary medicine and gives tours of her clinic. Dr. Rohrer and Clay Center Critter Care continuously provide humane society work for the local area: periodic spay/neuter clinics, stray animal placement assistance, and vaccine clinics.

“Critter Care is my place to care for the pets of this area. The bond between each owner and pet is extremely special. I try daily to preserve the health of each pet so that they can continue to be all that their owners need: friend, lap warmer, companion, helper, listener, competitor, playmate, or smile-maker….nourishing their owner’s lives while enjoying the best quality of life possible.'